Archaeological Literature

Publish Academic Literature With Us!

Publish archaeological literature and other academic books with Wadskær Publishing. We are specialised in academic publications.

We are specifically interested in receiving manuscripts of archaeological, historical and related literature. We are furthermore focused on art books. Other topics could, however, also be relevant for us. All academic books will be peer-reviewed to secure the highest quality of the content. 

When sending us academic literature, it is suggested, but not a demand, to let us know about the topic, even before the manuscript is completed. In this way we can have a decision ready at the time of completion. 

We strive to publish ALL Master theses in archaeology. Both new theses, but also older theses. If you wrote a thesis, which was never published, then do not hesitate contacting us.

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Journals & Magazines

We are very interested in collaborating with museums, associations and unions for publishing year books, journals, special edition, magazines etc. We can especially save you money on layout, graphics, print and distribution. Furthermore, we will gladly help with the points mentioned earlier in this article.

Published Archaeological Literature at Wadskjær Publishing

Our titles so far includes the following books:

  1. Faxholm, J. 2020: Stone Age settlements in the Nivå valley. Wadskjær Forlag.
  2. Faxholm, J. 2020: Limhamn- and other axes – a catalogue and a cutting edge story. Wadskjær Forlag.
  3. Petersen, P. V. 2019: Atlantiske bopladsfund fra Nordøstsjælland og Skåne – Dateringsproblemer. Wadskjær Forlag.
  4. Wadskjær, A. V. 2020: The Forgotten Amazon 2018-2019. Wadskjær Forlag.
  5. Wadskjær, A. V. 2019: Neolitiske tværpile – en misforstået fundkategori. Wadskjær Forlag.
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