Mandi Erlandsen

Mandi Erlandsen is the author of the book Dear Father - to you who have a child with autism. It is a 'down to earth' book, which we at Wadskær Forlag are proud to present.

Mandi saw a need to convey important knowledge about children with autism, as there was no easy-to-read book in Danish. That is why she first wrote the textbook The small and big stars of autism - explained so that everyone can participate. And now Kære Far in a more easygoing language and length specifically targeted at the fathers. Since not everyone wants to read a traditional textbook. 

Mandi & Autism

Mandi Erlandsen is a trained teacher and supervisor and has always worked with children and young people. Especially the children who are having the hardest time have had a special place in her heart. 

Mandi graduated as a primary school teacher in 1997 with Danish and visual arts as her elective courses. She taught for 10 years in primary school before she got a job at Rosenkilde School, which is part of Autisme Center Vestsjælland. Denmark's largest centre for people with autism. Here, Mandi has been teaching students with all sorts of autism for the past 14 years.

After a few years of employment, she had the opportunity to teach in the center's introductory course in theory and pedagogy and has supervised families and professionals. Most recently, Mandi has taken an education in collegiate supervision and education in autism at the diploma level.

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