Mia Sojun Rasmussen

Mia Sojun Rasmussen is a trained occupational therapist and yoga teacher and has for many years specialized in baby yoga and massage. In addition, she has for many years been immersed in the mental and spiritual side of yoga. Mia is a mother of 4 children. She is the author of Baby yoga and Massage.

Mia & Yoga

At a very young age, Mia Sojun went to an old Buddhist monastery in Japan and learned to meditate with the Zen master, Shodo Harada Roshi. She stayed there for a total of a year and a half. It is from this period that she received her Buddhist dharman name, Mia Sojun. 

When she returned from Japan she first trained as an occupational therapist, then got married and gave birth to 4 children. 
In between births, Mia Sojun graduated as a Hatha yoga teacher and in 2009 certified baby yoga teacher from the internationally acclaimed Babira Freedman's "Birthlight Organization". 
In 2011, she trained as a baby massage instructor through AIMI, “International Association of Infant Massage“. 
For decades, Mia Sojun has been a student of the Swiss spiritual master, Mario Mantese. 
Mia Sojun has thus for large parts of her life been preoccupied with meditation and motherhood, as well as the feminine and universal existence. This lenergy of life and love she wanted to convey in her book Babyyoga & Massage.
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