Det Gode Liv & Hvor Flygter Man Hen?

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Hardcover | Danish
By: Zanna Ibina Worsøe & Line Rosenberg Schmidt

Vejen til det gode liv & Hvor Flygter Man Hen, Når Man Vil Væk Fra Sig Selv? are biographic self-help books written by respectively Zanna Ibina Worsøe and Line Rosenberg Schmidt.

Vejen til det gode liv

Vejen til det gode liv is Zanna's life journey. It will show you her positive approach despite the adversity she has faced. She is a single mother, suffering from chronic pain, she has experienced abuse, bullying and faced the system for better or worse. One day, however, she had enough of being the victim. With small changes, she began to get to know herself and her core. She began to choose the good and let the light shine. It is a choice one must make. Again and again, every single day. How this is possible, you will find out in this book.

My life philosophy today is that we do not always choose the shit in life - but we choose how we want to handle it. And the choices, we make through our life journey will help define who we are. I usually say that my mission is, when I - old and gray - sit in the rocking chair on the porch and look at my life painting, I will be able to enjoy the diversity of colors that are there and enjoy, that it is clear and bright colors. Of course, there will also be darker shades in the painting, but that is only good, because without the darkness the light is not clearly visible. The important thing is that the majority is bright and beautiful. And it's a choice, I make.”

So follow her on her life journey and let her life story and her experiences show you that there is a way out of the darkness into the light. The path to the good life.

Hvor Flygter Man Hen, Når Man Vil Væk Fra Sig Selv?

In this book, Line Rosenberg Schmidt tells her personal story of living a life with anxiety and depression. It is a courageous and vulnerable insight into the painful state one is put in as a mentally ill person.

Despite the heavy topic, it is also a book full of hope and faith in a good future. About getting to know oneself anew and accepting life on the terms it provides. About fragility and strength. It describes the experience of being admitted to a psychiatric hospital, all the thoughts that run through your head when you are ill, and how the author has helped herself go on. That way, it can give others in the same situation someone to compare with.

The book also contains useful and practical instructions for both the mentally ill, but just as important for the relatives. The book is thus aimed at a wide audience, for whom it will be beneficial to know how it can feel to be affected by depression and anxiety. Throughout the book, a sharp critique is also made of the treatment you get with an "invisible" disease, in many places, in the system.

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