Er Det Ikke En Voksenting?

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Hardcover | Danish
By: Andreas Tofte Bøndergaard

Er det ikke en voksenting? ftries to connect the challenges that the author, Andreas Tofte Bøndergaard, himself faced starting a business at the age of just 15 years. The book includes the tips and tricks he got on his journey as a young entrepreneur.

The title refers to Andreas’ classmate’s reaction to the fact that he had started his business, and it defines the framework of the book. Through this issue, Andreas takes readers on a journey into the world of a young entrepreneur.

The main purpose of the book is to tell other young people about the opportunities they have starting a business. In addition, to tell, both young and old, about the costs - financial as well as personal - and results it has to start a business at a young age.

Andreas has written the book with practical and concrete examples for the entrepreneur who is going to start a business. The concrete examples can be used to advantage to draw parallels to the reader's own experiences and issues.

Learn from your mistakes!

Unlike many other handbooks, Andreas tries to nuance the story and elaborates on the mistakes he himself made and learned from. These include meetings with customers, VAT, marketing, and how to be taken seriously. Mistakes and learning thus play a significant role in the book. The author points out and exemplifies gerne his own mistakes and discoveries so that others can learn from them and avoid committing them. At the same time, he is trying to create a more tolerant culture of error. For mistakes are what you learn best from, even if you want to avoid committing them! As with the development of a perfect product, it also applies to your entrepreneurial journey that you must know the challenges before you can find the solutions.

Throughout the book, Andreas wants to motivate young people to create their own career paths. At the same time, he wants to give a realistic look at the elements and make the reader understand that an active choice automatically means passive opt-outs.

Whether you are a seasoned entrepreneur or inexperienced greener, the book provides a picture of mistakes, learning and considerations that you stand in as an entrepreneur.


Bogen har fået en fin lektørudtalelse fra Dansk Bibliotekscenter, who among other things writes: “Sympatiske og imponerende ord fra en ung iværksætter, som jeg tror kan inspirere andre til også at turde tage springet og blive iværksætter.”

4th of August 2021 Andreas attended Go’ Morgen Danmark in connection with the publication of the book. “You do not have to be an adult to start a business, and it is perfectly okay to make mistakes. 17-year-old Andreas Bøndergaard has started companies since he was 15 years old.” Se afsnittet here.

20th of May 2021 Andreas visited DR P4 Sjælland.

8th of May 2021 Dagbladet / Sjællandske medier en artikel om Andreas’ bog Er det ikke en voksenting? “Andreas Tofte Bøndergaard has a book on the way, and very few people publish their first book as an 18-year-old. But Andreas is not like most people either.” Læs hele artiklen here.

7. august 2021 bragte Dagbladet / Sjællandske medier endnu en artikel i forbindelse med udgivelsen af Andreas’ bog. Læs hele artiklen here.

I juni 2022 bragte Karrieren et stort portræt af Andreas. “Andreas har trods sin unge alder allerede godt i gang med sin karriere. Når de jobs man vil have ikke er der, må man selv skabe dem. Derfor har han allerede som 15-årig skabt en virksomhed, samt startet yderligere virksomheder op og skrevet og udgivet en bog.” Læs hele portrættet her fra side 54.

About Andreas Tofte Bøndergaard

Andreas Tofte Bøndergaard founded his first company Atofte in January 2019, when he was just 15 years old. Here he has since helped customers with websites and marketing, in parallel with studies at the business high school Niels Brock in Copenhagen.

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Andreas Tofte Bøndergaard

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