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Hardcover | Danish
By: René Ljunggren


The Kebnekaise Mountains by René Ljunggren is a complete guide to the unique mountain area, which surrounds Sweden's highest mountain, Kebnekaise.

Bogen findes nu også i en let udgave (lille format i softcover) velegnet til at have med på tur. Det er en forkortet udgave af den komplette guide. Med forkortet menes at den indeholder samtlige rutebeskrivelser ligeså udførligt beskrevet som i den større bog. Udeladt er dog afsnit om geologi, dyre- og planteliv og en masse andet der ikke har direkte relevans til det at vandre ruterne og finde vej. Alt det kan man sætte sig ind i hjemmefra.

Ønsker du at eje begge bøger, så kan de bestilles samlet med rabat her.

Mountain hiking is popular and one of the areas that many prefer to hike in is the Kebnekaise mountains. The book contains, in addition to the classic Kungsleden, descriptions of more than 50 marked and unmarked routes. The book is to date the only well-developed guide to this unique mountain area that extends into the Narvik mountains in Norway. The route options in the Narvik mountains are thus also included. The book's routes are carefully described and illustrated with maps, with clear route markings that you can easily transfer to your own mountain map.

The book is suitable both for you who just want to hike Kungsleden, but also for you who are more hardcore. You may want to hike off the trails where you have the mountains all to yourself. In addition to the routes, you get a review of the mountain's geology, Sami culture and other things that can help enrich your mountain trip.


The book has received a lecturer opinion from Danish Library Center, who among other things writes: “It is clear that the author is an experienced hiker and knows the area thoroughly and has great knowledge of geology, fauna and terrain.” 

Danish Hiking Association: “The book is a well-developed guide to the unique and enormous area that extends into the Narvik mountains in Norway. The book is suitable both for the beginner and for the more seasoned hiker who wants to hike outside the trails…" Read the entire review here.

Outsite.Org: “The book is incredibly elaborate, as in addition to Kungsleden, all of the less marked routes in the area are also described in detail. But not only that, because the book also contains more than 40 routes, which the author through his 50 years of hiking in the area himself has explored and described in detail, so anyone with just a bit of mountain experience can hike them, just from the route descriptions and map sketches in the book … ”Read the full review here

Get Out af Elite Soldier Erik B. Jørgensen: “René Ljunggren has traveled and guided in the area for a lifetime. In this book, René passes on all his experiences and good advice, so you can draw on the experience and have an even better trip to the area when you go there. Because you have to go, it's a nice area…" Read the entire review here.


About René Ljunggren

René Ljunggren is an author, a mountain guide and an educator, known from amongst other Nordisk Vandring,, Vildmarksrejser and Vildmarksskolen. He currently enjoys the Kebnekaise Mountains in northern Sweden, where he has walked a myriad of marked and unmarked routes. He has also climbed Kebnekaise's two peaks from several sides.“"I enjoy returning to the known surroundings while enjoying the view and just be in nature."

The many years of outdoor life in the Nordic countries have given him a great interest in both nature, geology and history in the visited areas. The history and origin of the Sami in particular. These topics are, in addition to the descriptions of the marked and unmarked routes, also nicely conveyed in the new book Kebnekaisefjeldene by René Ljunggren.

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René Ljunggren


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1st of July 2020






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