Line Får En Mango

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Hardcover | Danish
by: Dr. Phil Zuckerman

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Lina gets a mango er første bind i en børnebogsserie, der fokuserer på tolerance-kultur. Anden bog i serien er Bogen om dig og mig – bøgerne kan godt læses hver for sig.

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Line Larsen is eight years old. She lives in Kastanje Bakke with her little sister, her little brother, her mother and her father. And in the guesthouse in the backyard lives Uncle Mourits with his turtle.

Lina gets a mango is the story of what happened to Line Larsen on a sunny week in early June. It's a story about a mango, about a mystery - and also about sharing. The story also teaches children that you cannot always judge people by their behavior and appearance, as there may be underlying things that you cannot see on the surface. The enchanting illustrations bring the book to life with pictures of e.g. a cat that has wheels to help its mobility, and a man who breaks with societal gender norms by wearing earrings.

The book is written by Dr. Phil Zuckerman, illustrated by Shima Zareiand translated by the children's book author Andreas Valentin Wadskjær.


The book has received a positive lecturer opinion from Danish Library Center, who among other things writes: “The book is thoroughly illustrated with beautiful, expressive illustrations in a detailed, slightly abstract style with warm colors in green, red and brown… that creates atmosphere and gives the characters depth…

Bogens Liv: “The illustrations in the book are incredibly beautiful and create the right mood for the book's content. It is a very beautiful book with beautiful content! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ ” Read the entire review here.

Lidt Litteratur: "The sweet story is accompanied by beautiful illustrations… I would definitely recommend the book to children between 5 and 9 years." Read the full review here.

Bogvægten: “A sweet story about how humans can behave strangely, maybe even act hostile, even though in reality they are neither strange nor hostile. The book will probably suit the eight-year-olds, and can also be read aloud to those who are a little younger…” Read the entire review here.

Bookwormdk:The art is fantastic and the story is good, children friendly and has a deeper meaning..." Read the entire review here.

BogbillenCalm, beautiful and thoughtful work with beautiful illustrations about friendship and diversity… ”Read the full review here.

The book was also mentioned in Frederiksborgs Amts Avis on April 29 and on April 30, 2021.

Line Abroad:

Norway: It is originally published by the Norwegian publishing house Voodoolily.
Afghanistan: The book is also published in Afghan through Kabul University Press.

About Dr. Phil Zuckerman

Dr. Phil Zuckerman (born June 26, 1969) is a professor of sociology specializing in the sociology of secularism at Pitzer College of Claremont, California. He has been a guest professor at Aarhus University in Denmark for several years in connection with the education of "Secularism in Scandinavia". He is the author of several books, among others Society Without God (2008) for which he won Foreword Magazine›s silver book of the year award, and Faith No More (2011).

”Lina Gets A Mango” shows his talents and skills to communicate to a wide range of society through which not only students and experts, but also children know him.


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Dr. Phil Zuckerman

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Wadskjær Publishing


Shima Zarei


Andreas Valentin Wadskjær







Publication date

1st of May 2021






Richly illustrated in colors

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