Neolitiske tværpile & Atlantiske bopladsfund

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Hardcover | Danish
By: Andreas Wadskjær & Peter V Petersen

Køb både Neolitiske tværpile – en misforstået fundkategori af Andreas Valentin Wadskjær & Atlantiske bopladsfund fra Nordøstsjælland og Skåne – Dateringsproblemer af Peter Vang Petersen og spar penge.

For the classification of ancient material of flint first Peter Vang Petersen has developed a typology. It puts particular emphasis on technical aspects of the manufacturing process. A number of well-known function types are thus divided into new techno types or morphotypes. These turn out to occur within a narrow time frame. Thus, arrowheads of flint from Atlantic settlements are just as chronologically significant as e.g. microliths . Arrowheads must also in Atlantic times be considered the best ground for an archaeological dating of settlement finds.

Almost 40 years later Andreas Valentin Wadskjær examined the same find category from the same geographical area, but for the subsequent archaeologically defined phases so that the study can be used in comparison and addition to Peter Vang Petersen's arrowhead typo-chronology. The time limit has also been chosen so that the work can shed light on a hitherto unexplored angle in the whole issue of Neolithization. Furthermore, it will be the first major well-supported attempt to compile a typo-chronology of transverse arrowheads in the Neolithic.



Fund & Fortid by Benny Staal: “[Atlantisk Bopladsfund] considers classification, stratification, settlement analysis and some of the problems of the time regarding dating methods… [Neolitiske Tværpile] Here, the primary material of a number of localities is reviewed, and a comparative material is compared. Thus, statistics and analyzes are presented in a distinguished manner and it is discussed whether transverse arrows can contribute to the understanding of the research of the neolithisation.…”

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Andreas Valentin Wadskjær & Peter Vang Petersen

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21. december 2019






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