Vejen Til Det Gode Liv

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Hardcover | Danish
By: Zanna Ibina Worsøe

Vejen til det gode liv is a biographic self-help book written by Zanna Ibina Worsøe.

What do you do when life hits? When you repeatedly face challenges and resistance. You find your inner light and the courage to dare to let it shine.

Vejen til det gode liv is Zanna's life journey. It will show you her positive approach despite the adversity she has faced. She is a single mother, suffering from chronic pain, she has experienced abuse, bullying and faced the system for better or worse. One day, however, she had enough of being the victim. With small changes, she began to get to know herself and her core. She began to choose the good and let the light shine. It is a choice one must make. Again and again, every single day. How this is possible, you will find out in this book.

My life philosophy today is that we do not always choose the shit in life - but we choose how we want to handle it. And the choices, we make through our life journey will help define who we are. I usually say that my mission is, when I - old and gray - sit in the rocking chair on the porch and look at my life painting, I will be able to enjoy the diversity of colors that are there and enjoy, that it is clear and bright colors. Of course, there will also be darker shades in the painting, but that is only good, because without the darkness the light is not clearly visible. The important thing is that the majority is bright and beautiful. And it's a choice, I make.”

So follow her on her life journey and let her life story and her experiences show you that there is a way out of the darkness into the light. The path to the good life.


Bogen har fået en fin lektørudtalelse fra Dansk Bibliotekscenter, who among other things writes: “Det er velskrevet og tankevækkende fortælling, om hvordan man selv kan være med til at præge sit liv på trods af modgang og smerter.”

I foråret 2022 skrev Ude&Hjemme en stor artikel om Zanna: “Zanna måtte opgive sit gamle liv: Jeg vil ikke være et offer.” Læs artiklen here.

Bogens liv: “…det er uden tvivl en fantastisk debut fra hendes side! Antal stjerner af 6: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️…" Read the entire review here.

30. juli 2021 var Zanna desuden i Radio 4 og fortælle om sin bog. Afsnittet, “Historien om Zanna – mor med kroniske smerter”, findes nu som Podcast. Hør hele afsnittet here.

Lydboghylden skrev en fin anmeldelse af Zanna Ibina Worsøes biografiske selvhjælpsbog og giver den fire ud af fem stjerner. ”Vejen til det gode liv er en vigtig fortælling om, at man selv med kroniske smerter, kan vælge at fokusere på lyspunkterne i livet.” Læs anmeldelsen here.

Bogen blev også omtalt i Ehlers-Danlos Foreningen i Danmarks medlemsblad: Bindeledet nr. 2 2021.

About Zanna Ibina Worsøe

Zanna is originally a trained nurse, where her passion lay in psychiatry and the crooked existences.

In 2010, however, she ended up losing her ability to work due to chronic pain following an accident. Being a single mother of two - later three - she had to redefine herself, and find a way to create a fabulous life, with the new premises that life had given. She ended up with such a low ability to function that she received an early retirement pension and had to give up her job. She therefore began to use the experiences she had gathered through a life with many challenges, to choose to live a good and positive life with the new circumstances. These experiences led her to help people in the same situation as her find their way out of the darkness and into the light. Both by direct help and by writing and making videoes about how she herself had created her own path.

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Zanna Ibina Worsøe

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1st of June 2021




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