René Ljunggren

René Ljunggren is an author, a mountain guide and an educator, known from amongst other Nordisk Vandring,, Vildmarksrejser and Vildmarksskolen. He has recently published The Kebnekaise Mountains - a complete guide for the unique mountain area at Wadskjær Publishing.

Early Interest for the Outdoors

His interest for the outdoors origins from his childhood. The family summer residence was situated not far from the legendary polar explorer Knud Rasmussen's house and museum. There René enjoyed studying images and artefacts from the polar expeditions.

When René was around 20 years old, he went on his fisrt hike to Kebnekaise. In the following years it became an uncountable amount of treks and ski trips to the Kebnekaise mountains, Sarek, Padjelanta, Rondane, Jotunheimen, etc.

René founded “Vildmarksskolen” in 1992, which arranged courses in Mountain hikes, Mountain skiing and canoeing. Later he started “Vildmarksrejser”, which offered hiking and fishing trips to Greenland and the Nordic mountains, including ski trips in the North.

He has taught in outdoor living, mountian hiking and winter hiking and has conducted mountain trips for more than a decade.

He has for many years lived in Greenland and he knows how to build and sail a Greenlandic qaaq. Furthermore, he builds and drives Eastern Greenlandic dog sleds. He has also lived on the Faroe Islands for some years. These to stays have of course lead to even more hikes, skiing and dog sled trips. Rock and ice climbing as well as glacier hikes are more thing he has done.

René Ljunggren Today


At the moment René enjoys the Kebnekaise mountains in Northern Sweden, where he has hiked an uncountable amount of marked and unmakred routes. He has furthermore climbed the two mountain tops of Kebnekaise from several angles."I enjoy returning to the known surroundings while enjoying the view and just be in nature."

The many years of outdoor life in the Nordic countries have given him a great interest in both nature, geology and history in the visited areas. The history and origin of the Sami in particular. These topics are, in addition to the descriptions of the marked and unmarked routes, also nicely conveyed in the new book Kebnekaisefjeldene by René Ljunggren. Kebnekaisefjeldene by René Ljunggren.

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