Wadskjær Publishing wishes to help aspiring artists promote their art through online gallery and physical exhibitions. We have started a collaboration with the following artists:

Nikolai Fenger

Nikolai Fenger who paints fantastic works characterized by different mushrooms. He attempts to catch motives from the subconscious in his works. In Nikolai's world the subconscious is where the mushrooms live. He does not try to focus too much on what belies behind the painting, he simply lets what makes sense be impressed on the canvas. On a daily basis he works as an archaeologist and in his spare time he follows philosophers' and sociologists' attempt to describe the world. Sometimes this can best be explained in a painting.

Jørgen Faxholm

Jørgen Faxholm learned in his early years oil painting by the Danish painter E. Roenberg. Other than that he just enjoys drawing. He has the same perception to painting as to jazz music. The best jazz musicians are also good classical musicians! Faxholm believes that if you can not draw, there is only one way forward. Luck and lots of colors - which can also be fun! His role models are the American and Scottish Impressionists with recognizable shapes and bright, happy colors. The images must be pleasant to look at, evoke memories or open a view without a requirement for over-interpretation. Faxholm also has great knowledge of, and is also good at drawing flint artefacts from the antiquity. He himself has illustrated the flint material in his double volume the Stone Age in Nivå and Limhamn axes at Wadskjær Publishing

Aksel M.

Aksel M., whose works of art set the mind in motion. He has been making art all his life and he is not afraid to try different styles.

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