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Warm Greetings from Lene Blindbæk<3

Written by: Lene Blindbæk

My name is Lene Blindbæk and I am one of the many who have chosen to support The Forgotten Amazon.

I have a Bachelor degree in prehistoric archeology from Aarhus University, where i started in 2010. After my elective courses in Odense and Copenhagen, I chose the Master programme at the University of Copenhagen.

In November 2016 something happened that changed my life forever! I was hospitalised at intensive care where I was close to dying. I survived but with lasting damage to my eyesight and internal injuries. I am happy to be alive today and have been wanting to give something back and help others. When it dawned on me that my dream of being an archaeologist was shattered, I already knew at the hospital that I wanted to support Andreas’ project. In a way, I feel that Andreas is carrying my dream on in life. He has had an ability that has made me feel as part of the team.

the forgotten amazon lene blindbæk camp wadskjær forlag
Drone photo of The Blindbæk Camp!

My first meeting with Andreas was when we both worked as field assistants at the Museum Lolland Falster. Here we quickly connected. I have not only supported an adventure and exciting archaeological project, but also supported a former amazing colleague.

I wish all the best for the project and its members!

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