Zanna Ibina Worsøe

Zanna Ibina Worsøe is the author of the book Vejen til det gode liv. The book is her debut, and is a biographical self-help book.

Her wish is to inspire more people to actively choose the good life, by having a more positive approach to life and all that can happen to one through a long life. It is about learning the power of choice and acknowledging the strength that lies within it. Zanna herself has experienced adversity in life, but lives a fantastic, rich and magical life in spite. The goal for Zanna is that far more people understand how much power they themselves possess when it comes to choosing whether life should be lived in suffering or happiness.

One of Zanna's great passions is writing and communicating. She has always been writing: Stories, diary, thoughts, ideas. She started blogging in 2008. She currently mediates primarily via social media, where she is active on Instagram, Facebook and Youtube. Here she shares thoughts about life and about choosing the path to the good life.

For Better Or Worse

Zanna is originally a trained nurse, where her passion lay in psychiatry and the crooked existences. Out there, where conversation was more important than caring for physical wounds. Where understanding and meeting people with differences was the essence of being able to help.

 In 2010, however, she ended up losing her ability to work due to chronic pain following an accident. Being a single mother of two - later three - she had to redefine herself, and find a way to create a fabulous life, with the new premises that life had given. She ended up with such a low ability to function that she received an early retirement pension and had to give up her job. She therefore began to use the experiences she had gathered through a life with many challenges, to choose to live a good and positive life with the new circumstances. These experiences led her to help people in the same situation as her find their way out of the darkness and into the light. Both by direct help and by writing and making

Zanna ibina worsøe wadskjær vejen gode liv

The Alternative Side

Zanna is a spiritual person, but on a very down-to-earth and easily accessible level. She is born with the ability to heal, channel, make clairvoyance and use tarot and oracle cards. The goal is to help people find their way and their core. Into the heart, where the strong and genuine choices can be made. It is one of her greatest passions to guide people out in the light and make them live the most beautiful life. She lives in a great confidence that life and the universe always want the best for her, and believes that we can manifest everything in our lives. 

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