Dark Paradise

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Softcover | Danish
Af: Emil Juhl Krog

Dark Paradise is the first volume of the series Great Nordic Poetry. This first volume is written by the young and talented Nordic author, Emil Juhl Krogh.

“Dark Paradise” winds its way through the complex and intricate mind of the author Emil Juhl Krogh.

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More and more people are living a life where they are exhausted. A life where they are on autopilot and in survival mode. “Mørke Paradis” (Dark Paradise) illustrates the inner struggles, the world’s problems, and the eternal quest for happiness. It seeks to make you realize that you are not alone with your thoughts and touches your consciousness with an understanding of your own and the world’s vulnerabilities.

In a brutally honest exploration of the author’s mind, he talks about the dark and shadowy battles but also shows the belief and promise that these struggles are temporary. The poems attempt to normalize the conversation about the millions of tangled thoughts running through your head. At the same time, the poetry collection focuses on the idea that we can change the world, change our own minds, and change people’s lives.

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Reviews of Dark Paradise

Hjaeresen Bogblog on Dark Paradise. “Wow, this poetry collection… I just loved several of the poems; they were frightening, touching, and, above all, inspiring… The layout has definitely been carefully considered, with the finest illustrations that fit perfectly with the messages in each poem.

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Emil Juhl Krog

Publishing House

Wadskjær Publishing


Libbe Bjerknæs





Publication date

10. oktober 2023






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