Kære Far – til dig der har et barn med autisme

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Hardcover | Danish
by: Mandi Erlandsen

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Kære Far – til dig der har et barn med autisme is a ‘down to earth’ book by teacher and author Mandi Erlandsen.

Mandi Erlandsen has previously published "Autism's small and big stars". Now she is back again with a book that is easy to understand. This time in a language and a length targeted fathers.

"When your child can do something by itself or something that has been practiced and trained and has cost 'blood, sweat and tears'… Then it's big !! And you can be proud and think: "Wow - it's going well!

Being the father of a child with autism requires a superhero. But first you need to learn how to turn on the right buttons.

Mandi saw a need to convey important knowledge about children with autism, as there was no easy-to-read book in Danish. That's why she wrote "Autism's small and big stars": a textbook on autism - written so everyone can participate. But not everyone wants to read a traditional textbook. And many fathers do not really understand the challenges that their children with autism have. But they need their dad - so how do we get him to participate?

The language in Kære Far is targeted at the male audience. Metaphors such as 'entering the engine room' and using the 'toolbox' are used.



The book has received a positive lecturer opinion from Danish Library Center, who among other things writes: “Bogen giver mange gode tips og viden, så hverdagssituationer kan håndteres på en god måde… Bogen vil være en god hjælp til travle forældre uanset køn samt andre, der ikke orker at læse tykke, teoretiske værker om emnet…”

Dorthe Hölck, Go BetweenThis book is written with both humor and great autism professional insight… I would highly recommend this book - and it will definitely be an important book on my bookshelf. I recognize it is primarily written for fathers who have children with autism, but I will still recommend it widely. We can all learn from you, Mandi Erlandsen." Read the entire review here.

Lars Jørgensen, DagbladetA new, easy-read book targeted fathers of children with autism addresses, among other things, our expectations of the children and comes with concrete tools to make life easier in families affected by autism… ” Read the entire review here.

Father of son with autism: ”Excuse my French - but holy crap, it is so well written!

Heidi Friborg Christophersen, Fagbladet Folkeskolen: ”Mandi Erlandsen knows what she's talking about and she's worth listening to.


About Mandi Erlandsen

Mandi Erlandsen is a teacher, author and supervisor and knows children with autism and their families through many years of work in the field. She has taught students with all sorts of autism for the past 14 years at the Autism Center West Zealand.

The book is illustrated humorously and touchingly by Mikael Nielsen.


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Mandi Erlandsen

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1st of May 2021








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