SkurkAgurk Klarer Ærterne

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Hardcover | Danish
By: Jonatan Wibe

SkurkAgurk klarer ærterne by Jonatan Wibe is the first volume in the children's book series about SkurkAgurk and the life at the greengrocer. Maybe the healthy meals will be a little more fun for the whole family in the future.

Do you think the greengrocer is completely quiet when the store is closed? Then think again. A language and learning experience beyond the usual, wrapped in a glorious spy crime with fruit and vegetables as characters. A humorous reading experience for both children aged 4 to 9 and adults.

The Danish language is full of whimsical words and phrases with many different and often illogical meanings. Fruits and vegetables have a central place in many puns, so find out how The Hard Banana and The Lucky Potato help Rogue Cucumber solve mysteries at the local greengrocer.

Equip your child for language learning in a more fun way with Denmark's first "vegetarian" children's book!

Follow SkurkAgurk into the unknown world of green life. Maybe the healthy meals will be a little more fun for the whole family in the future.

The book is illustrated by Ida Simoni.


the 9th of August 2021 Jonatan appeared in Go’ Morgen Danmark where he could mention the creation of the book.

8. august 2021 skrev Dagbladet / Sjællandske Medier wrote an article about the book: "Jonatan Wibe is a journalist, so the Danish language and the understanding of it, is a topic he has wanted to put into the book. This is expressed both in the names of the characters and the many puns and phrases where fruit and vegetables have a central place. Although the meaning may be something completely different.”

I forbindelse med udgivelsesreceptionen d. 13. august 2021, kom en journalist forbi fra Vesterbro Liv. Det blev til en fin artikel: “Jonatan Wibe har derfor lånt lidt fra fantasiens verden for at få de gode madvaner ind i børnene tilsat lidt sjov og ballade...” Læs hele artiklen here.

About Jonatan Wibe

For Jonatan, children's books are the place where he can fuse written and spoken language into fun play. Without the red lines of the Spelling Dictionary or the condemning glances of linguists. He believes that the earlier children become acquainted with the intricacies of the Danish language, the sooner they can develop and explore the language. In this way, they can increase the competencies for school and educational life.

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Dimensions 17 × 24 cm

Jonatan Wibe

Publishing House

Wadskjær Publishing


Ida Simoni







Publication date

13th of august 2021






Richly illustrated in colors


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