Series: Great Nordic Poetry

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Softcover | Dansk
Af: E. Krog & H. Jørgensen

Great Nordic Poetry – collection consist of so far two poetry collections by talented Nordic Authors.

“Dark Paradise” winds its way through the complex and intricate mind of the author Emil Juhl Krogh.

“Remnants of Despair” by Helene Thybo Jørgensen is a poetry collection about queer love and the challenges one encounters along the way.

NOTE: Since the books are printed on demand, you can expect a longer delivery time.

Dark Paradise

More and more people are living a life where they are exhausted. A life where they are on autopilot and in survival mode. “Mørke Paradis” (Dark Paradise) illustrates the inner struggles, the world’s problems, and the eternal quest for happiness. It seeks to make you realize that you are not alone with your thoughts and touches your consciousness with an understanding of your own and the world’s vulnerabilities.

In a brutally honest exploration of the author’s mind, he talks about the dark and shadowy battles but also shows the belief and promise that these struggles are temporary. The poems attempt to normalize the conversation about the millions of tangled thoughts running through your head. At the same time, the poetry collection focuses on the idea that we can change the world, change our own minds, and change people’s lives.

Remnants of Despair

It binds together the raw emotions of passion, love, panic, and grief into one book. It’s about meeting the right person at the wrong time. It’s about meeting a person you see through rose-tinted glasses, and whom you know will leave you to collect the fragments of the person you once were.

Writing the book has helped the author through break-ups, and the hope is that it can also help the reader. In a time where mental health is more important than ever, the book aims to provide insight into how young people feel and help navigate the world of love.

Reviews of Great Nordic Poetry

Out & About wrote an article about Remnants of Despair. “I hope that the book can show other young people in the LGBT+ community that they are not alone with their feelings. That my poems can help provide insight into how young people feel and what it’s like to navigate the world of love, especially at a time when mental health is more important than ever before.” Read the entire article here.

Bogmarkedet.dk wrote a good review of Remnants of Despair. “My first thought when I unpacked this book was that it was an exceptionally beautiful book… It’s brave, almost naked poetry delivered with incredibly charming sincerity… The poet expresses themselves with enviable precision throughout almost all of the book’s texts… “Rester af fortvivlelse” (Remnants of Despair) is truly a book that appeals to the emotions, and it’s not only suitable for the young but also speaks to anyone who has once been young…” Read the review here.

Hjaeresen Bogblog on Dark Paradise. “Wow, this poetry collection… I just loved several of the poems; they were frightening, touching, and, above all, inspiring… The layout has definitely been carefully considered, with the finest illustrations that fit perfectly with the messages in each poem.

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E. Krog & H. Jørgensen


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